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CoverMyCare is a national grassroots program of information and patient engagement designed to create public advocacy for access to all healthcare providers who are licensed in the states. For our campaign, that means the providers of:

Acupuncture Treatment • Massage Therapy • Naturopathic Medicine •Chiropractic Care • Natural birth with a Certified Professional Midwife

ACA_language_border-4in-wideThese are often called holistic, alternative or integrative health services and every year more than 35 million adult Americans make use of them. That is why the Affordable Care Act contains provisions that will for the first time make insurance coverage for these services reflect their everyday use by those Americans and the many more who will use them as they become more affordable.

The Problem and the Need for Grass Roots Advocacy

Officials in the states who are obliged to make sure their insurance companies are complying with Section 2706 are largely unaware of, or are ignoring, its provisions. They are also unaware of or are ignoring the great numbers of citizens in their own towns and communities who have made use of these therapies for more than a generation and who continue to do so. They are ignoring the long standing value of the patient experience that the US Congress acknowledged when it wrote and the President signed the ACA and Section 2706: “Non-discrimination in healthcare.”

The campaign’s information and engagement objectives:

  • Telling stories from all across America where these therapies are bringing relief and restoration of health to people.
  • Telling how these therapies are finding their way into standard medical practice: in medical education, in everyday care and in programs of wellness and prevention: in cancer, pain management, chronic disease, and stress management.
  • Providing The 2706 Toolkit and connections that can help you make the case in your state.
  • Describing the substantial medical education and professional certifications that practitioners in these disciplines must obtain in order to win licensure in their state (shown in the section on The Professions).

We welcome your thoughts comments and especially your participation in helping to make insurance coverage for these and all licensed healthcare services a reality.

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