Frequently Asked Questions About the ICA Medicare Fairness Campaign:

1. Q: Isn’t the ICA “Medicare Fairness” campaign just a front end to the ICA Adjust the Vote system?

A:  No.  The www.medicarefairness.org petition drive has been built on an independent server and is completely independent from the ICA Adjust the Vote system and the ICA server.

2.  Q.  Will the e-mail addresses collected be used for any other purpose other than just the petition?

A.  No.  The collection of names and e-mail addresses for the petition drive will not be used for any other purpose. The solicitation of campaign members and supporters will be done in a manner that clearly identifies the intent and will be kept in a separate database from those names collected for the petition drive.

3.  Q.  What is the difference between the ICA branded campaign at www.icainaction.org and  and the generic Medicare Fairness campaign at www.medicarefairness.org.

A.  The actual petition is housed at www.medicarefairness.org which has been established as an “independent” site to promote the elimination of discrimination in the Medicare system.  Provisions  have been made to allow any organization to conduct a self branded campaign in support of the goal without indirectly promoting membership in a competing organization.  For information on how organizations can participate go to www.medicarefairness.org/FAQ

The www.icainaction.org will be the home of the ICA branded campaign and will house all ICA related promotional and informational content. The sign the petition link connects to the medicarefairness.org site for the petition signing only.

4.  Q.  Does the ICA fully support the campaigns of other chiropractic organizations?

A.  Yes and No.

4(A)1.  The ICA fully supports all efforts to eliminate discrimination in Medicare.  Success will require the coordinated efforts of all organizations in the chiropractic profession.

4(A)2.  The ICA, however, is actively promoting legislative language that will help ensure that the existing coverage for the adjustment to correct a subluxation will be retained in the Medicare statute, section 1861(r)5, which defines the participation of a chiropractor as a physician in the Medicare system.  Some organizations have announced support for the complete removal of any service specific language in an attempt to secure equality with MDs and DOs in the Medicare system.  The ICA completely agrees with the objective of eliminating discrimination in Medicare.  The ICA, however, believes that this can be accomplished without the removal of language that is the basis for the inclusion of the adjustment to correct a subluxation as a covered service in Medicare Part B.  The ICA will continue to work with all Summit partners in an effort to develop specific legislative language that can accomplish our agreed upon goals.

5. Q.  Will the www.medicarefairness.org platform be used to promote any individuals point of view with respect to specific legislative language?

A.  No.  www.medicarefairness.org will remain politically neutral and only be used to promote the end of discrimination in Medicare and to collect “electronic” signatures on behalf of participating organizations.  For more information on the www.medicarefairness.org petition campaign click on www.medicarefairness.org/FAQ .



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